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At the Anvaya Cove Golf and Sports Club, sports, recreations and family bonding intertwine in a lush, seaside setting. The Club consists of extensive sports facilities, a pool complex, and elegant yet relaxed dining, lounging and social spaces.

The golf course aims to be as environmentally sustainable as possible by minimizing earth movements, saving mature trees, landscaping with endemic flora and designing the fairways and tees so that the course feels as if "it has always been there".


The approximately 82 hectare, 18-hole all-weather. 7,200 yard, par 72 championship golf course across the Anvaya Cove development and promises to enthrall players of all levels:

Mountain Nine (Front 9 - Holes 1 to 9)

The front nine course is situated at or near the peaks and ridges of the development, providing elevated vistas of the sea and the Zambales and Bataan mountain ranges.

Seaside Nine (Back 9 - Holes 10 to 18)

The layout and design of this course is reminiscent of popular seaside courses. It combines panoramic sea views amidst nature preserves providing a truly unique golfing experience.

Tee Placements

The golf course is designed for various skill levels. Each hole will have 5 tee placements which includes Junior tees. This will allow all members of the family to learn and play the sport:

• Junior Tee (For kids)

• Red Tee (Ladies)

• White (Beginners and novice players)

• Blue (Experienced golfers)

• Gold (Pro Tee)


The Golf Clubhouse is located at the northern portion of Anvaya Cove Its Asian Tropical architecture follows the same theme as the Anvaya Cove Beach and Nature Club, but is distinct in its elevated location and panoramic views. The Clubhouse Veranda opens to dramatic views of holes 1, 9, 10 and 18, with the South China Sea towards the western horizon and the Bataan mountain range in the east.


The Sports Center is conveniently located within the vicinity of the Anvaya Cove Beach & Nature Club. Complementing the existing facilities of the Beach and Nature Club, it houses various sports and fitness facilities, game and recreation amenities, and a sports center café that looks out to the lagoon and Ilingin Cove. The Sports Center shall also showcase an extensive active pool complex.

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No matter which suite mother and father have selected for their one to two week stay at Anvaya, mothers, fathers and their children are spoilt for choice as to what to do with themselves for the rest of the day.

All suites cater for the family

And no matter which suite a couple decides on, there is always space for children. Having a king-sized double bed to rest in at night is grand. But where do the children sleep in the meantime? The answer to this important question lies in the amenities that come with the Anvaya Cove suites.

Eight hours a sleep for all – Mothers and fathers, or just single couples have their king-sized double bed. Sofa and pull out beds come in handy for the children as well as guests, if this has been arranged beforehand. Linens are all soft.

Self-sufficiency to a tea – Yes, of course you as a guest can make your own tea or coffee. Self-sufficiency is always encouraged. An own iron is provided and an ironing board is provided on request. You are able to stock up on your own food choices with your unit’s fridge.

Family entertainment at night – The modern family must have cable and the internet. Cable is, indeed, in while LAN and Wi-Fi connections allow all-night access to the World Wide Web.

The Anvaya suite is the standard-bearer. But guests also have a choice of views and themes in the form of the Lagoon Terrace, the Garden Terrace and the Garden Room. Each suite does have a room with a view, whether it is going to be a view of the sea or lagoon across the suite’s veranda, or a glass-domed bird’s eye view of the cove’s encroaching forest.

Sport is king among the coves

An inspiration for the developer’s extensive provision of a wide array of sports within the complex and along the beach lies in the sports-mad culture of Filipinos and many of their neighbors within the Southeast Asian Diaspora. And one of the most popular global sports is that of football (or soccer).

To this end, guests can engage in beach tourneys of football with their hosts. But officially, a regular feature of beach sport at the cove is that of beach volleyball. A regular challenge to guests is to pit their skills against those of the Anvaya’s seasoned staff. Not even beach Frisbee is spared the wrath of competitiveness. The Anvaya Cove just happens to be the venue chosen for official tournaments and meetings.   

Health and wellness on a table

The table in question is the massage table. Given their busy lifestyles, not too many urbanites take full advantage of this necessary component towards ensuring all-round health and wellness. The Veda Spa offers jaded guests a choice between Swedish massage and the Japanese tradition of Shiatsu. Trained masseuses also offer visitors a combination of both therapeutic disciplines.

Fleeting readers may have concerns as to whether Anvaya Cove is restrictive, given its emphasis on providing clients with membership packages. But purchasing a lifetime holiday package at such a resort is also an investment in a long and healthy life. It is far remote from the timeshare concept. Investors take full ownership of their packages and have the suite of their choice during their stay at the Anvaya Cove.

Whether it is a weekend getaway or two weeks annual vacation, vacations in general have always been expensive affairs. Flights and hotel stays need to be carefully managed by cross-continental visitors. And much needed restaurant hospitality can be costly. But association through membership (which helps tourists to cut costs across the board) in one idyll location remains priceless. 

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